A storm is coming…(part 1)

by Comicus Maximus

of DB & Friends

The clouds rumbled angrily as the sky darkened from blue to grey. The moment was getting closer and closer. Electricity surged in anticipation while humidity saturated the air. If only the idiots hadn’t teased so goddamn much. I mean she could stand a little harassment. What normal person couldn’t? After all, she had come up a hard road as a child.  But they insisted on going above and beyond. They insisted on pushing her to the ground and surrounding her with a mob of angry and spiteful faces. They insisted on yelling words they had yet to fully understand at the top of their lungs. Kids can be fucking assholes. They know it.  But they also know their size and age afford certain advantages in life; namely the benefit of doubt when engaging in deviously nasty shit.

Ororo felt it as a knot at first. Sort of like a glowing spark of heat.  It began to form and grow at the base of her skull. It spread slowly down her shoulders and through out her arms, raising each tiny hair as it traveled. Her fingertips charged with heat and sparked tiny streams of electricity as the sky blackened. Most times, when someone with her ability experienced the first manifestation, it almost always proceeded some living thing’s demise. The young marvel knew that the force emerging from her core possessed an earth shattering destructive power. But the fear it festered in her attackers felt divine. The sheer terror that it imposed was irresistibly addictive.

She wanted to finally make them pay, and pay dearly they would.

Mikey Terrence, the ringleader of the now fearful mob of five seven-year olds, looked upward as a drop of rain struck his nose in unison with yet another sinister thunder rumble.  Ororo lifted her head slowly and starred hatefully at the boy through glowing eyes.  He had now become the center of her focus and the object of her rage.  Her hair straightened and lifted slowly in rythmic pulsation as she began to stand up.  Another ominous rumble filled the sky signaling the destruction to come.  

She would make them pay.  

“Is that rain?” her teacher inquired of another staff member as the trees bowed and swayed violently in response to the intensifying wind.  

“Woah! Yeah,” he replied suprisingly.  “A storm is coming. Looks like a bad one too.”

“Were we supposed to have bad weather today? I thought the forecast said it would be clear?” she asked.

Her co-worker began to reply with his customary nervous wit when they both suddenly caught a glance of the commotion on the playground. 

“Jesus, what are they doing now?” He questioned.  

“I have no fucking idea,” she sighed. 

Suddenly, a bolt of lightening four feet in width jolted down from the sky landing directly on top of the weatherwitch. The force of the impact slammed into the earth and hurled the surrounding antagonizers thirty feet in all directions. Ororo let out a triumphant and barbaric yell as she rose into the air to meet the god-like force emanating from the storm clouds.  She had never felt such power, and at that moment, she never wanted to let it go. The two teachers each shielded thier faces in panicked response to the brightness of the strike as they were thrown to the floor. The force had not only tossed the schoolyard bullies away from the electrical wonder, but it had also shattered every window in the school building facing that direction.  The teachers stood up slowly in an attempt to restore equilibrium and make sense of what had just transpired.

“Oh my God!” she cried out.  “Oh my God what was that Frank?”

Unable to reply because of the damage the strike had caused to his hearing, Frank stumbled towards a desk to gain footing.  

Covered in blood and dust, they glanced towards the play ground and locked eyes with the now floating Ororo.  A slight smirk had formed at the corner of her mouth as she moved closer to the terrified pair.  

She would make them all pay…(to be continued) Storn is coming

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