Freddy TKO and The Genevieve Dilemma…ACT 1

by Amigo_Uno

Of DB & Friends

His right hand fanned through the cloud of smoke he had just exhaled courtesy of a rather strong vape pull. Truth be told, even though he knew the mortality rate of Stabilize abusers was sky high, Freddy still found some comfort in the idea that he was one of only a few. Even if he was only standing out for being a part of a handful of idiots who still used the elusive drug, in Freddy’s mind, he was a goddamned rarity. Yeah they don’t make em’ like Freddy anymore. Most people are too afraid of dying to try anything. Freddy was afraid of dying without trying everything. His world, his way.

Freddy Tyler King, or Freddy TKO as he would become known throughout certain circles, had always approached life from a game theory perspective. In his eyes, every single encounter always produced a winner and a loser. From the monumental to the minuscule, every second was an opportunity to either assert control over the situation or be controlled by it.

He sat comfortably on his custom leather patio furniture while gazing down on the city from his 15th floor condo. Today had proven fortuitous for the young professional. After working tirelessly to improve his health, physique and status within his trading firm, Freddy had been promoted to vice president. A major bump in pay and a swanky new office had him feeling like he could take on the world. Freddy stood up slowly from his chair and stretched his arms into the air until he felt a satisfying pop in both shoulders. Turning towards his unit, Freddy crossed the threshold into the kitchen area. He grabbed the remote control from the counter and increased the television volume to stay informed of his favorite football team’s performance. The night couldn’t get any better. For once in his life, all was right with world.

The glass containing Freddy’s perfectly mixed Jack and coke was nearly at his lips when the celebration was interrupted by 5 rapid and crisp knocks at his door.

He paused for a moment then continued to take a sip of his drink. Freddy had been expecting a long-time lady friend to arrive any minute for some quality time. Clothed in only his favorite pair of boxer briefs and a velour bathrobe, he proceeded to the door hastily, unaware of what lie on the other side.

A usually careful person, Freddy almost never forgot to look through the peephole before opening his door. It was a practice in caution born of a father’s stern childhood warnings to “always keep your head on a swivel boy!” But at this moment, still riding the euphoric wave of career advancement, the young workaholic neglected his routine and opened the door without seeing who was there. Assuming to be face to face with a tall, statuesque curly haired model, he was shocked to find what appeared to be a 10 year old homeless girl.

“What the hell?” Freddy questioned aloud. “How did you get up here little girl,” he asked knowing full well the magnitude of getting inside this building without a key, let alone to the 15th floor.

“Are you lost or something? Umm, do you need help? Whe…where’s your parents?” he questioned softly and nervously.

The girl gazed back at him with cold black eyes and prepared to answer. She was clothed in a dingy orange sweater, a pair of worn out Jean shorts with a grey skull cap resting at an angle on her head. Her face was smeared with dirt and a pack of Billy Blue menthol cigarettes protruded from her back right pocket. She had rings on every finger except her two thumbs and a small silver necklace of unknown material draped around her neck.

“My name is Genevieve. I really wish it was somebody else mister. I hate to do this to you but we’re running out of time,” she said calmly.

“Okay creepy little girl at my door on a Friday night,” he responded with a sarcastic and nervous tone.

“I’m gonna go ahead and call the police. Maybe they can help find your parents or something. Just wait right here, let me get my phone”

No sooner than Freddy had begun to turn and walk, the mysterious visitor lurched forward slightly as six large, grotesque black tentacles arose from her back. Each hideous appendage was muscular and slick, reminiscent of a squid’s. At the end of each were three razor sharp spines composed of what appeared to be bone. The oscillated in unison as each grew further from the girl’s body.

“No need,” she replied coldly as the six tentacles were quickly thrust into Freddy’s back, stopping him mid-stride. His body convulsed and twitched violently as the strength of Genevieve’s tentacles lifted him off of the ground. He grunted out in confused agony while she stepped into his condo and shut the door with a wave of her hand.

“I know it hurts at first Freddy. But our kind and your kind were meant to exist together. You’re the only one who can help me show him that we can,” she lamented.

The tentacles each pumped a viscous and corrosive substance into Freddy’s body in pulsating waves. The unknown substance quickly settled, localized to his brain and began to bind with the tissue, transposing numerous foreign sequences along every strand of his DNA. His eyes rolled white as the bonding continued and Genevieve placed him gently on the floor. A small stream of blood poured from each of his ears as his body adjusted and returned to equilibrium.

The young creature walked slowly through the residence and out onto the patio, gazing out at the night sky. She took the pack of cigarettes from her pocket, produced a lighter and proceeded to ignite the chosen tobacco. She inhaled deeply as the tentacles slowly returned to her body.

“This has to work,” she sighed, exhaling a thick cloud of smoke. “I know it will.”

She turned her head back slightly and looked at his body still twitching on the floor.

“If you can’t convince him to stop this, then we all go extinct Freddy. We all go extinct….”

Act 2 coming soon…

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