The Mending of A Maul

 by Comicuss Maximus    

comicus maximus

of DB & Friends

I heard a soft beeping of life support machines in the distance when my eyes began to open. Everything was blurry at first. I tried to focus my vision on the first thing i could but it was just all so blurry.

“He’s alive,” an unfamiliar voice whispered surprisingly. “He actually survived that encounter with both obi wan and qui gon. That’s incredible!”

Just as another voice close by began to express it’s similar disbelief, a familiar tension filled the air. The beeping grew louder and more pronounced. I knew the Emperor had just entered the room. I was only just beginning to see a bit more clearly as he cautiously approached. I still had no idea where I was, but I knew what had happened. I could barely feel anything. Whatever mechanical treating table they had strapped me to began to tilt upward until i stood vertically. A felt hands on both of my shoulders as the cloaked figure of the emperor approached.

“I have never seen the force manifest in such a way,” he spoke softly.

“The young jedi’s saber cut you in half before your body plummeted 200 stories lord Maul.  It was a miracle that the maintenance droids found you and brought you here.”

I already knew what happened. My last memory before any of this was that weakling’s saber passing through my body. He was fortunate. Had I only extinguished them both when the opportunity first presented itself, this never would have transpired. I was not arrogant, but overly cautious. Waiting for the perfect moment to parry and strike became the perfect opportunity for defeat. They were both very, very fortunate.  

“We will restore you lord Maul. Although your body was severed, your vital organs were not significantly damaged. The medical droids are salvaging what they can as we speak.”Welcomed news in my opinion.  But what life awaits on the other side of restoration for me?  Although the Emperor and medical droids both assured me that I would make a full recovery, they also informed me that my days of wiedling a light saber were extinguished.  No longer would i spread fear far and wide throughout the vast reaches of space and terrorize even the most seasoned warriors with mere mention of my name.  I had effectively been told that even though I was fortunate enough to still have my life, its quality would never be the same.  

“After your body mends,” the Emperor said to me with hopeful optimism, “you will take your place at my side as a trusted military advisor.” “Scraps from a table,” I thought.  Any position that saw me absent a light saber and the active pursuit of enemies of the Republic was worthless.  The medical personnel took great care in repairing my damaged tissue, nerves and vessels.  

The recovery was long and arduous.  There were times when i felt as though I would have been better served dying at the hands of the young Jedi than surviving the ordeal. But, I was the Maul.  I was born of fire and power.  My horns protruded just as proudly and pronounced this day as all the days before, while my eyes yet burned with feverish red and yellow.  I would not be reduced to bureaucratic drudgery while the future of the Republic hung  in the balance.  The dark side is strong and unrelenting.  It’s power is eternal and exquisite.  I had been its servant for my entire existence and no champion for good would deny me my purpose.  This Maul was to be mended.  

Slowly and painfully I began to return.  Applying the same intensity and focus to my recovery as I had to my combat training, I started to improve. My motor skills and movement gradually refined as I finally developed enough strength to walk again.  Through a series of mechanical augments and replacements, I became mobile.  After a year of triumphs, shortcomings and failures, I finally held my saber in hand again.

“Your recovery has been nothing short of astounding,” the Emperor said as he stood at my bedside one evening.  “Who knew that a servant of the dark side could survive such devastation at the hands of a lightsaber.”

“I will return to your side soon my Master,” I assured him.  

“Patience, my warrior, patience, ” he replied.  “The force does not quibble with trivial considerations of time…only life and power.”

Those words cut sharper than the blade of any saber I had known.  My purpose became clearer.  I was to embrace this lesson.  The force does not cater to weakness or pity.  Only those few beings who possess a supremely heightened focus and drive could consider themselves worthy of its blessings.  I was worthy.  

After much time passed, I was able to begin basic movements with my saber again.  It was painstaking and humbling at first, but gradually the skills I had obtained prior to my defeat once again manifested themselves.  First, droids were my opponents.  Next, I graduated to mechanical reflex spheres and sense restrictive training.  Eventually, neophyte followers of the dark side were ushered in to provide both practice and opportunity for instruction.  As I taught, so too did I learn.  My ability grew stronger.  My determination grew more intense with each swing and stroke.  

Finally, after more than two full years of rehabilitation, I had returned to near complete mastery and prowess of my weapon and the force within my body. This morning, after returning from my daily commune with the dark side atop the frozen Mountain of Tribulation , I sharpened my horns and headed to the main deck of the destroyer I called home.  

The Emperor awaited quietly at the end of the deck for me with his back turned, staring out into the vastness of space.  I eagerly approached him with all the confidence of a sith master.  

“You have returned Lord Maul,” he gloated.  “Excellent…”

“Yes, Master.  The droids rebuilt me,” I spoke assuredly.

The Emperor laughed softly to himself and turned to face me.  Starring intensely, his face barely visible under the hood of his black cloak, he parted his lips and began to speak.

“The droids did not rebuild you my servant.  The mending of a most worthy Maul was only accomplished by the dark side.  And now, the entire galaxy will feel the might of its retribution through your fury…”

I nodded obediently as we both turned and faced the front of the destroyer.  We observed a small planet come into view in the distance; no doubt our next target for destruction.  The inhabitants would come to know me in time.  The Maul was mended…and all the fury of the force yet resided within him.  


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