An Evening Session with Insanity…

by Comicus Maximus

of DB and Friends

Tonight, the City would know fear yet again…

“Do you want to sit back down on the couch Mr. Crane?” the doctor questioned. “You know, the idea behind these meetings is for you to be as comfortable as possible.”

The slender figure occupying the back corner of Dr. Rasmussen’s office glared keenly out of the small office window with his head titled to the left in peculiar fashion. He did not answer at first and continued to study something moving just outside of the gates as the Dr. grew more restless and uneasy.

“This is our first session Dr. Crane. I was hoping that…”

His words were cut short as the figure abruptly straightened his head and turned sharply to face the anxious questioner.

“And what makes you think that I am uncomfortable?” he inquired with a grainy, monotone voice.

Knowing full well the reputation he had established through incalculable acts of terror and destruction, the creature took great personal pride in the uneasy feeling his words conjured in those who knew of him…but had never encountered him. A crisp, grotesque grin began to form at the corners of his lips as he walked slowly towards his interviewer.

Removing his glasses with shaking hands and grabbing a handkerchief from his jacket pocket to clean his lenses, the Dr. replied, “no, no it isn’t that. It’s just that you haven’t sat down since we began. Normally the couch helps ease patients into a calm state of mind is all.”

As he continued his steady and measured approach, the creature glanced down at the burgundy leather couch and smiled.

“Relaxation is for those who live without purpose, Dr. Rasmussen. It is the hiding place of a mind devoid of drive.”

The creature was as sharp and poetic with his speech as the most learned philosopher, but still ripe with nefarious sarcasm and wit.

He chuckled to himself slightly, knowing his true motives would be revealed shortly.  “To answer your question Dr.,” the creature continued, “I find that things born of comfort attract only sanity…and I detest sanity.”

With his hands clasped neatly behind his back, the first-time patient stared fiercely at Dr. Rasmussen, intensely awaiting his reply.

“Well…uh…that is a very unique perspective Dr. Crane…and what is it about insanity specifically that you detest?” he inquired.

The interviewee exhaled a long and disillusioned sigh, turning to face the couch again. “Because Dr., sanity is just…so…boring.”

Intrigued by his reply and hoping to extract a more detailed glimpse into his patient’s twisted mind, Dr. Rasmussen pressed further. Reaching behind the large corner chair where he was sitting, the Dr. lifted his right arm and produced a tattered burlap sac mask.

“So is that why you wear…this?” he asked, with a slightly sarcastic tone.

The patient’s fierce stare relaxed as he gazed longingly upon the mask.

“No Dr.,” he chuckled. “The mask does not keep sanity out my friend. It merely reflects how insane any notions of sanity are.”

“Interesting. Can you clarify what you me…”

“15 seconds,” the slender figure interjected softly.

“What’s that Dr.?” Rasmussen replied in a confused tone.

Dr. Crane turned and began to walk slowly back to his original spot in the corner. As he grew closer to the small glass window, he finally allowed Rasmussen the momentary glimpse into his psyche the psychologist had so desperately pined for.

After nearly three hours of futile attempts at a probing psychological analysis, Rasmussen mistakenly believed that he was on the verge of a break through.

“Every emotion, every word that I speak to you is intentionally delivered in the manner I desire,” he began.

“Words are not merely tools of communication. They are the beautifully intangible foreshadows of intention. The entire time we’ve spoken during this session, you have payed close attention to my words, but not the intentions they represent. “

Dr. Rasmussen grew anxious and fearful at this new conversational tone.

Something wasn’t right. He could feel the atmosphere grow tense and foreboding.

“Well that’s precisely what I want to do. You see I…”

“5 seconds,” Crane interrupted.

“Dr. Crane is there something you want to tell me?” he questioned, sitting up uncomfortably in his chair.

“What have I told you Dr?” Crane whispered as he made his way to the window and stood still, tilting his head to the left again.

“Words merely convey intention. Of course I can tell you what’s going on in this mind that you so envy…but I’d much rather show you.”

“Show me wha…”

Suddenly, the small corner office was shaken to its core as two misshapen humanoid creatures burst through the window shattering it in spectacular and horrifying fashion. They landed abruptly on the couch which had been the most recent focus of this session, collapsing its wooden legs and snarling with animalistic fury.

“You see my friend,” Crane said as he walked towards the Dr. now frozen in horror and gently retrieved the mask from his trembling hands.

“True insanity exists in the mind of those who seek to rationalize and control the irrational and uncontrollable.”

As one of the humanoids approached Crane and handed him a small green canister from his monstrous claws, Rasmussen had finally been made to understand. At that moment, the normally confident and experienced psychologist had power over absolutely nothing.

Crane smiled eerily as he slipped on the tattered mask and aimed the canister at his psychiatrist, slowly releasing its noxious contents into the air.

“This place has been infected with sanity, you see…and vaccinated against fear….but tonight, the city will know glorious fear yet again…I assure you.”

Dr. Rasmussen crumpled to the floor as the gas began to take effect and the three harbingers of doom slowly approached.  He would finally understand.  He would finally be able to comprehend the incomprehensible…for the first and last time.

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