Poignant Pontifications of a Predator…(part 2)

by Amigo_Uno

of DB & Friends

I remember distinctly the exact moment I entered the Earth’s atmosphere to begin my first hunt. We are an incomprehensibly pragmatic race of beings so thorough reconnaissance is always first priority when seeking to collect more trophies…especially from a foreign planet. I landed my steath cruiser in a thick wooded area 235 miles off of the Florida coast. Since the ultimate purpose of my presence here was to remain unseen and unnoticed as I operated, a secluded location near ample water with consistent heat seemed a logical choice.

150 Krisenths, although a relatively small quota, would not be easy to collect from 150 battle-tested AM10s. No matter. I was always commited to the challenge of the hunt. Like the elders preached for as long as I could remember, “every hunt is an opportunity to improve…and every enemy, a gatekeeper to strength.” The words had remained with me for my entire existence, and now they rang sound and true as I exited the ship and began to set up base camp.

After a few weeks of reconnaissance, I had gathered as much information as possible concerning the various strengths and weaknesses of virtually every AM the planet had to offer. At long last, I was ready to begin. I looked toward the sky and inhaled deeply, clearing my mind for the marathon to come. Heading back to my ship, its sensor detected my movement and automatically displayed a detailed holograph of my first target. We had limited information save appearance, surface-level attributes and location, but that was more than enough for me.

The expedition woud take me 110 miles from my camp’s location. This specific AM was situated at the head of a vast and rather distastesful cyber-theft organization, boasting an impressive 10.7 rating. She had solidified her position as leader of this particularly large group of skilled hackers by systematically eliminating any perceivable competition via her augments. From my research, I had only learned of her above average strength, reflexes and weapon prowess.

Had I known then that the AMs desire to permanently sustain their dominance would evenetually prove their undoing, I would not have been in such a rush to achieve her demise. Even we Yautja do not truly miss our water until the preverbial well runs dry.

My standard array of weapons and gear remained my only companions as I travled to her location. She resided in a stronghold crafted from the remains of a once thriving steel manufacturing plant. I always found it quite ironic that the humans would forever teeter on the endge of technological breakthrough only to have it stifled by self-centered delusions of grandeur and cosmic purpose. On numerous occassions they came close to discovering some of the very materials that my kind successfully integrated into our weaponty. But alas, instead of crafting weaponry that would advance their race as a collective, they built arsenals to conquer and destroy themselves. Of all the worlds and beings I have encountered during my existence, man is by far the most tragically flawed and self-depricating.

Thermal imaging allowed me to successfully map out the internal structure of her location and determine her defensive capabilities. Using my standard luminescent camoflouge as initial cover, i ran protocol diagnositcs on my cannon mount and made my approach. There were a total of 200 armed personnel stationed on various floors, guarding the building. Easy target, I thought to myself, as i aimed my grappler from the treeline and prepared to engage.

Suddenly, my suit’s proximity monitor began to shriek, signaling an impending attack. I quickly analyzed the warning only to discover a group of four inbound missles headed directly for the compound. I had only seconds to reach a safe distance away from the blast radius these projectiles would create. Leaping back into the woods I sprinted towards my ship as the night sky was illuminated by a series of fiery explosions. I made it to the safety of my vessel just in time to view the structure’s spectacular collapse. I watched with grim confusion as every living being was incinerated in the attack.

I sat silent for some time, completely and utterly baffled at what had just unfolded. The most disheartening tragedy for ahunter is to have his prey sntched away at the very last moment. There’s noting quite as gut-wrenching as losing your prey to another hunter at the very moment you prepare to make the kill. Frustrated, I readied my ship to depart and move to my next target when my thermal scanners detected faint movement near the debris.

Someone was still alive.

Initially, I thought it better to let this lone survivor succomb to his injuries, but like the elders preached, every hunt was an opportunity to improve. In this instance, it was an opportunity to gain possibly useful intel.

I enaged my camoflouge and cautiously approached what remained of the building. Rubble and bodies were strewn about as brutal calling cards of the attack. I found the dying survivor whose diminishing thermal output caught my scanner’s attention.

As I watched unnoticed from a few feet away, the man spoke faintly into a satellite phone attached to his waist.

“Their coming for all of us,” he stammered to the unknown recipient on the other end.

“They’re initiating the Clean Sweep protocol! Anyone who knows how to disable the augments…anyone who can improve them…they’re coming to take us out,” he warned.

As he took his final breaths, I noticed that he was gripping something in his right hand. Once his life had finally faded, I approached and reached down to inspect the item. It was a mass storage drive filled with technical information, no doubt. I turned to head back my vessel when a voice spoke suddenly from the rubble.

“You’re a Yautja aren’t you,” the voice choked. “My father use to tell me about you. Said he saw one of you in South America. Never thought I’d actually see one of you motherfuckers.”

I disengaged my camoflogue and approached this dying human that I had somehow missed.

By this point in my experience on Earth, I had mastered a few rudimentary words and phrase of their language.

“Who did this?” I growled to him.

“Circle of The Worthy is what they call themselves,” he replied. “Been plotting to take out the other augments…and anybody that can disable them.” He spoke hastily, continuing to cough up a frothy pink mixture of blood and saliva.

“If you’re here to hunt ’em, you better hurry up…won’t be many left soon…might not get the chance,” he chuckled.


According to this human, my prey had now become a voluntary hunter of its own kind. I would have some competition. If I was to obtain the 150 Krisenths as instructed, I needed to pick up the pace.

I aimed my shoulder cannon carefully at his head and engaged the targeting system.

“Thank you,” I snarled to him.

He smiled weakly as the weapon began to beep, signaling the impending blast.

“Anytime,” he said.

As his life was extinguished, I stared intensely at the remains of the building.

The hunter now had competition. This wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought…

part 3 coming soon…

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