Barry’s Breakup…

by RantMan Rick

Of DB & Friends

Barry had a girlfriend

She knew his alter ego

And if he ran head first towards danger

She’d try to keep in tempo

The sprints were super, the marathon’s major and the distances were far

But she stayed behind in faithful service, keeping pace with her P.O.S. car

One must comprehend that in the end, her efforts were in vain

For no matter the magnitude of her servitude, she could not take the strain

No turbo charged engine, no rocket launch, no speeding bullet could match

The blinding speed of her lover’s legs as he closed in on a catch

But alas one day it came to pass a visitor drew near

The invisible man had many complaints for her faithful ears to hear

“I’ve a bone to pick with your supersonic love,” the see through man began

“He ran by me two days ago whilst I was with wonder woman.

Now mind you I am reasonable and know how it appeared

Wonder woman sitting naked atop the hall of justice would cause any man to cheer.

But we must learn to face temptation, stand strong and do not bend,

Unless we want to strain the bonds we establish with our friends.

Your cheating Barry made a mistake when he saw her laying around,

For I was there on top of her…and now I cant sit down!!!!”


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