Poignant Pontifications of a Predator…(part 3)

by Amigo_Uno

Of DB & Friends


That human whose brains I had splattered on the surrounding foliage intrigued me a great deal with his dying words. If what he spoke was indeed correct, a few of the augmented humans were systematically destroying those in charge of technological development.

In order to ensure that no other AMs were created to potentially challenge their rule, this Circle of The Worthy as they called themselves initiated coordinated attacks on strategic manufacturing locations.

A rush of happiness which I long believed impossible was engendered for a fleeting moment at this realization. The elders would have prayed to the Gods of Carnage daily for an opportunity to be thrust into such a dilemma. In essence, I had to kill as many of the mechanical monstrosities as possible, before they eradicated each other. Finally, I believed that a challenge befitting a hunter of my ability had emerged.

Alas, I would soon learn just how futile my quest for able prey on this planet would be.

Upon take off, I started to scan the nearby area for thermal footprints. With some tedious calculation and a bit of luck, hopefully I would eventually be able to re-trace the path of the explosive devices to their point of origin.

Once I initiated the first thermal scan, I set the ship to autopilot and began to check my arsenal again. All of my bladed weapons stood sharp and precise in their cutting abilities as did my wrist mounted spears. The ever present plasma cannon, targeting system and cloaking device each functioned at optimum efficiency, providing deadly reassurance of my tools’ functionality. Mind you, quite some time had passed since I was afforded the chance to utilize my weaponry.

I eagerly awaited the opportunity…

Following this self-serving arsenal inventory, I began to take my seat in the pilot’s chair when my scanners signaled completion of the reconnaissance with a steady ping.

I quickly opened the complete analysis, discovering that the missile was launched from some 9,000 miles away. A surprisingly far distance, although not unheard of, this new figure forced a refocusing of my efforts. A quick input of the newly retrieved coordinates and my hunt was now headed towards, presumably, a worthwhile destination. I flew with stealthy precision and iron clad courage into the unknown; a compound some 6 hours away.


Let me be clear in my recalling of times long since past on earth. There were many points during which I questioned the validity of the elders’ decision to send me here. My abilities, forged through the crucible of blood and sacrifice, made me fit for presumably more. In hindsight, this shallow path of thought only hindered my growth as a hunter.

All prey are thoroughly analyzed before the hunt. Trappers far more seasoned than I set me to the task of recon and collection on earth. Ultimately, I was forced to understand that no action was taken on their part absent good intention and irrefutable justification.

And so I forged on; my life was my purpose and my purpose was the hunt.

Scanners finally pinpointed the missile’s origin, converging on a singular point which appeared to be located among some sort of ruins. With some emergency supplies still hidden at base camp, I made my way towards the structure. I peered deep within the internal walls with magnified infrared imagery and discovered a cache of weaponry. My fangs glistened and drooled with delight at each new defensive measure I discovered. There, separate sets of motion sensor alarms, automatic and semi automatic rocket launchers, 50 armed guards, ferocious canines and a host of explosives all enclosed one particularly nasty member of the Circle of The Worthy…Johnny Stilts.

Born an orphan in the new Earth which developed after the humans’ first and nearly successful attempt at complete self destruction, Stilts became one of the first augmented humans on record. He stood an impressive 7 feet tall and possessed an athletic frame, made deadly by mechanical implants and integrations. No qualms were ever shown for taking a life during conflict or a battle for superiority.

His ruthlessness was matched only by his defense systems. I needed to implement a multi plane attack in order to dispose of his guards and draw him out.

Ironically, as much as I knew about humans in general, I never considered just how knowledgable they were when it came to my kind.

However, I was fortunate enough to be pursuing a species who seemed motivated only by a desire to conquer. Although a few select humans, this Circle of the Worthy, had increased their physical capacities well beyond that of even a standard AM, they had neglected to so improve their intellectual capacity.

As a result, almost all AMs were essentially unaware of my kind’s existence. Save for a few soft whispers of fear among only those humans with access to the upper reaches of interstellar information, we moved and hunted throughout the centuries with almost complete invisibility.

I approached the compound slowly, hovering a few thousand feet overhead. A number of assets were at my disposal, but Intelligence did not demonstrate a need for the full extent of my repertoire.

After descending unnoticed to roughly 100 feet above the enclosure, I activated several self-mounting plasma cannons which upon deployment landed just outside of the main defensive barrier, effectively encircling any potential threat.

Once I initiated the first round of suppressing fire, a symphony of destruction and power shook the compound to its steel core. Guards, dogs, weapons and the like we obliterated in spectacular succession as the night sky flashed bright orange.

I watched with focused glee while the repeating blasts shredded every piece of muscle, bone and sinew in their paths. It was the long awaited and glorious beginning to the carnage I had been denied on my first attempt to collect an AM trophy.

As chaos permeated the stronghold with 360 degree annihilation, those few human guards still alive scrambled desperately for cover. It was magnificent.

I turned my attention to the bowels of the compound where Stilts had already sprang from his seat and began shouting orders. Phase 2 of my attack would begin shortly.

Deploying multiple stealth drones armed with incendiary charges, I lept down on top of the roof and commenced remote detonation. The drones, which flew at blinding speed, completed two full revolutions around the enclosure and ignited a mountainous ring of fire.

For anyone or anything unfortunate enough to still be alive when the drones deployed, there was no hope of escape.

Johnny’s pride and obsession with absolute authority would quickly prove his undoing.

As a result of his insatiable megalomania, he had developed a bit of paranoia concerning those closest to him. The re-enforced safe room whose roof I obliterated with rather sinister intent was off boundaries to his guards on most occassions. When he wasn’t traversing the remains of this hemisphere for more kills, Johnny remained locked away inside this tomb, peering obsessively at the plethora of screens linked to security cameras.

He had no clue of my presence or intent…until it came crashing down onto his head.

In addition to his increased strength and recovery courtesy of his augments, Stil’s height and 6 foot electrical bullwhip attached to his right hand provided more than enough of a challenge. I deactivated my cloaking factor and slowly removed my mask in preparation for the kill. Johnny’s cyber-formulated eyes did little to display the fear coarsing through his yet human heart.

I let out a triumphant and challenging roar as he extended his whip and took a defensive stance. My spear was the primary weapon in most instances of close combat. Fortunately, it would prove sufficient for the present task.

An overhead swipe downward from Stilts provided enough imbalance for me to execute a flawless pary and shove my spear through his abdomen with deadlthy force. As the spear emerged from the other side, an amalgamation of silver mechanical fluid and blood splattered gracefully against his security screens.

His body convulsed and juggled as I lifted him into the air and stared into his fading polymer eyes. The once bright red light now dimmed into blackness in unison with his final exhalation.

Suddenly, in the midst of my celebration, loud and hurried banging began to eminate from the other side of the door. The guards which I had bypassed during my initial drop had undoubtedly heard the commotion and were frantically attempting to intervene.

Damn it.

I would have to take his heavy fucking body with me in order to extract, clean and collect his Krisenth.

I let out a slightly dissappointed sigh and engaged my ship’s transport beam just as the remaining fighters burst through the door.

I lugged his suprisingly solid corps into my preparation chamber and set to the task of collection as my ship departed. There was much more I could learn from not only the collection, but the in-depth examination of his mechanical augments.

Watching the outside wilderness speed by in hypnotizing consistency, I began the final and best part of the hunt…the extraction.

One down…Many to go…

part 4 coming soon…

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