Freddy TKO and The Genevieve Dilemma…ACT 4

by Amigo_Uno

Of DB & Friends

Three months before Freddy used his newly discovered abilities to rearrange the office asshole’s face, the small alien who gifted these strengths was desperately attempting to save the planet.

Genevieve was a being of unimaginable wonder and sophistication, born of a chance encounter millions of years ago when the planet was but a fledgling creation.

Nearly three and a half billion years ago, her predecessors, the Mari-Loka, hurled effortlessly through an already brimming universe with imperceptible stealth and blinding speed. Having stepped through creation’s gate at nearly the same point as reality itself, the Mari-Loka’s exact origin remained an unsolvable mystery to nearly every sentient being.

Fortunately for the pillars of existence, the Mari-Loka’s intentions were at their core benevolent and nourishing. Though massive with an intimidating and ferocious appearance, these celestial decapodoforms were driven only by a need to catalogue and analyze life as it emerged throughout the vastness of the universe. The preservation of life, although secondary to their observational tasks, would sometimes force them to intervene in the affairs of other beings.

And so it would be with humans…

Their appearance was ancient and nightmarish, in stark contrast to their nature. The Mari-Loka were enormous creatures, measuring nearly 3 miles in length from head to tail. They each boasted six broad, flat tentacles through which immense iron ore spikes would protrude and retract. The tentacles were covered with giant jagged pores which emitted psionic and gravitational pulses, allowing for incomparable flight precision.

If one were to gaze upon a member of this species, the most petrifying and noticeable portion would undoubtedly be the head. The aforementioned tentacles culminated at a monumental, symmetrical mass of hardened stone and mineral. Two horizontal rows of three eyes each adorned the most frontal portion, standing just superior of a ghastly mouth. Opening horizontally, the mouth was jagged and slimy, boasting thousands of rows of the same iron ore teeth.

A host of underlying mandibles and claws, as well as three sharpened horns adorning their crowns completed the Loka’s makeup.

Earth’s unique composition proved an intriguing analytical opportunity for these observers. While tectonic plates gradually shifted and settled, and molten particles cooled and fused into unbreakable rock, the Mari-Loka arrived on the new planet in search of life’s quanderies.

Because the planet was one of the few in the galaxy capable of fostering and sustaining complex carbon based life, the interstellar beings thought of their arrival as an excellent chance to unravel these mysteries and possibly spread this life to other areas of the universe.

Upon arrival, they soon discovered that the planet was able to foster life in part due to the electromagnetic barrier upheld by its spinning, molten core. Able to withstand extreme temperatures because odd the composition of their skin, the visitors tunneled through the entirety of the Earth’s crust and mantle. After reaching the core, they began to collect samples and store them internally. This continued for some time when a sudden, violent heat burst severed one particularly elder and fragile Mari-Loka’s tentacles. The detached appendage fell into the core where it was presumably destroyed.

The Mari-Loka usually traveled to individual planets in groups of three, seeing this as the safest and most efficient number. The two remaining beings hastily returned to the surface in order to help treat their wounded companion. Even though marred by this unfortunate accident, the mission proved successful nonetheless. The Mari-Loka had conducted sufficient analysis on the Earth’s core to presumably begin forging life in parts uninhabited.

Little did they know what they had left behind…

Over the course of a few billion years, the lone appendage began to thrive, separate and evolve. Unbeknownst to the alien collectors, their internal structure was able to self-develop when physically exposed to extreme heat or cold. A covering of elemental membrane insulated the Mari-Loka against virtually all outside forces. This allowed them to withstand the vacuum of space, freezing temperatures and scortching starlight unharmed. However, this ability diminished with age. If any internal portion of their genetic material was exposed to these forces, it would not only survive, but evolve accordingly into self-sustaining beings. These beings would be physiologically governed by the elemental rules of their birthplace, i.e. an Earth-born offspring would be oxygen dependant. However, they would possess nearly all of the enhanced and alien capabilities of their ancestors.

…And so the Under Dwellers were formed…

Because of the circumstances of their development, the Under Dwellers had developed a sumbiotic relationship with the Earth’s molten core. Their bodies only functioned at peak capacity when submerged within the core itself, and the core only functioned at peak capacity when continuously recharged by the Under Dwellers.

Genevieve was one in a very long line of Under Dwellers. Under normal circumstances, such as before the collapse, a being of her kind could reach a lifespan of nearly 800 years. But upon the death of the neighboring star Tautalus and the birth of its monstrous reincarnation, the olden days of optimism were no more.


Freddy splashed a river of cupped water onto his face while he sought to make sense of the impossible. Not only had he physically altered his anatomical makeup, but he had delivered a knockout blow to the unsuspecting manager in the process.

He studied and glared at his reforming hand while Genevieve looked up  from the parking lot unmoved. Suddenly, Money-Q burst into the restroom in fevered frenzy, desperately searching for his companion.

“Brooooo,” he yelled out as he crashed through the brass-handled door.

“What in the holy fuckity fuck was THAT shit?!”

Freddy quickly pulled his hand down and out of view as he sought to answer the startling inquiry. He looked out of the window breifly and noticed that Genevieve had disappeared yet again. Turning towards Quincey, he attempted to form a reply through his utter shock and amazement.

“I…I don’t…I didn’t…what the hell did I just do?” he stammered.

“What do you mean what did you just do?” Quincey replied.

“You knocked his ass the fuck out! What the fuck Freddy! I didn’t think you had it in you. Gotta start calling you Freddy T.K.O. from now on dude!” he screamed excitedly.

This new moniker caught Freddy off guard.

Freddy T.K.O. huh?” he questioned internally. “I kind of like the sound of that shit. Has a nice ring to it.”

As a slight grin began to show on his face, Freddy was suddenly stricken by the horrid reality of what he had just done.

Although he had emphatically made his point to the former bully, Freddy had also committed very serious assault. Tommy lay yet unconscious in the middle of the office floor as bystanders attempted to wake him. Nearly three dozen people had seen the vicious blow. Spared momentarily from discovery by the fact that his punch had been too fast to see clearly, Freddy’s alien abilities still remained a mystery. Two of the office assistants administered aid to their fallen co-worker as word of the morning drama traveled hastily up the chain of command. Within minutes, news reached Freddy’s boss and the company CEO via text message.

Peaking his head out of the restroom sheepishly, Freddy slowly began to make his way past the chaotic scene. Stares composed of equal parts fear and awe pierced from every direction as he scurried to his office.

“It’s alright man,” his friend reassured. “Let’s just go to your office bro.”

Tommy still remained a slumped heap; his shirt now soaked through with his blood. The force of Freddy’s blow had also shattered four of his teeth, causing him to bite his tongue at the moment of impact. The carnage became all too apparent as Freddy neared his doors, hearing multiple voices attempting to reach emergency medical personnel over the phones.

Crashing uncontrollably through his cherry wood doors, the weary day trader tumbled into his office chair and unloaded the entirety of his weight.

“You ok man?” his friend questioned.

“I have no idea Money,” Freddy replied.

“This has to do with that fucking little girl man!” he blurted.

“What little girl dude?” Quincey questioned.

“What I was about to tell you before the boss called this morning. Last night, this…”

His words were cut short as Quincey noticed the crowd gathering in front of Freddy’s office.

“Hold that thought man. Let me see if I can do some crowd control while we get this shit sorted out.”

Quincey hurried through the doors, promptly shutting them from the other side. Freddy turned in his chair, placing his face into his clasped hands as he exhaled loudly. It was as if he had fallen head-first into some unimaginable nightmare. His years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice were undone in only a few short moments. He wanted to wake up so badly. What he wouldn’t give for a fresh start.

True to form, his moment of self-reflection was interrupted by yet another appearance from his own, personal tormentor. As Freddy leaned back into his cushioned chair, desperately searching from some reprieve from the morning’s calamity, he opened his eyes only to be greeted by a ghastly and familiar sight.

Genevieve glared down intensely, suspended from the ceiling by her tentacles which had embedded their claws into the tiles.

“Oh my God,” he muttered surprisingly. “Jesus Christ little girl! What the hell do you wan…”

Genevieve quickly halted Freddy’s words with her tiny hand as she descended rapidly to the floor.

“For goodness sake will you please be quiet and listen to me!” she exclaimed. “You need to understand what’s happening to you and I’m the only one who can explain!”

“In case you haven’t noticed,” he shouted back, “I just clocked one of my coworkers in front of everybody and I’m probably going to lose my job! My entire goddamned life is ruined thanks to you little…girl…or whatever the hell you are!”

Genevieve rolled her large eyes slightly in frustration.

“You have the ability understand thoughts now Freddy,” she began.

“Your genetic code can now interpret the frequencies of human thought. Since it seems you may need to use the power of persuasion to fix your current situation, consider this a gift.”

“What?” he asked.

“I’ll find you again tonight Freddy,” Genevieve instructed. “Please be available. You aren’t going to last very long by yourself…and neither is this planet. We…need…to…talk.”

Upon this instruction, Genevieve quickly bolted to the window and crawled out onto the building. As she descended down, Freddy slumped back in his chair. Suddenly, a series of emails and texts began to arrive in rapid succession. Freddy knew that the boss had undoubtedly heard of the office slugging. Just as he reached down to open the first text, Money-Q burst through the doors and slammed them behind.

“The big boss man wants to see you,” he exclaimed nervously. “Jesus I hope you can talk your way out of this shit man.”

“I’m sure I’ll try,” Freddy replied.

“You’ll try what?” Quincey asked with a confused tone.

“What you just asked me,” said Freddy.

“I just said the boss wants to see you. I didn’t ask you anything man. Bro you starting to lose it. You gotta tighten up…Mr. Freddy T.K.O.!”

Suddenly, Freddy realized that he had inadvertently and unkowingly intercepted some of his friend’s thoughts. Perhaps, with a little focus, he could hear those of his boss. Perhaps, with a little focus, he could talk his way out of this shit…

“Goddamned little alien girl…what a fucking day…”

part 5 coming soon…

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