Freddy TKO!!!

“Ready to know what it all means?”

Join the most unlikely of heroes, Freddy TKO!!! as he journeys with his best friend and newly discovered interstellar companion on a mission to restore Earth’s orbit and save its inhabitants from remote and neighboring forces intent on destroying all life

An original work of fiction, from the mind of DB & Friend’s very own Amigo_Uno, Freddy TKO!!! offers extraordinary story-telling, characters, scenery and brutal violence. Inspired by his love of science fiction and comic characters, Amigo_Uno provides readers a glimpse into the adventures and sagas of Freddy Travis King as he comes to grips with his newly gifted abilities and their effects on his reality.



The Earth has been pulled from its orbit by the formation of a giant black hole dubbed Tantalus, yet the core still burns inexplicably, while humans scramble for a means of survival.

The F.A.A.O.C. (Federation of Alien Analysis and Observation), formed from the only inhabitable nations left on the planet, scour the grounds and skies for a solution, sparing no amount of brutality to achieve its goal of preserving human life and dominance. Through field constables and sleeper cells, the F.A.A.O. exert control over the dying planet.

Believing that beings and technology not of this world hold the key to our collective survival, they are almost completely unaware that The Under-Dwellers, an evolutionary lineage descendant from sentient beings light years away, have already filled a central role in this endeavor.

Freddy TKO!!! is thrust into a realm of evolution, science, technology, betrayal and extraterrestrial influences after a chance encounter with a young Under-Dweller named Genevieve offers a solution and opens his mind to unimaginable possibilities.

Together, they must find a way to save both a planet teetering on the edge of oblivion and each other in the process…

Original Artwork and Drawings by DB & Friends coming soon!!!

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The most refreshing and original saga you’ll encounter!!!