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Welcome to DB & Friends! Thanks for checking out our blogs and content! Hopefully you will stay for a bit and delve into the world of comic, fantasy and intrigue…

Unfortunately No one can be told what DB & Friends is…You have to read it for yourself…


DB & Friends is a group of three comic enthusiasts and Funko Pop freaks who decided to form a dynamic coalition dedicated to the pursuit of imagination, fantasy and comic book content.  We all present different writing styles and interests that will hopefully offer something for all visitors!

We are all new adventurers in the world of blogging and online content, but we are very excited to begin our quest to offer superb reads for the masses!  Join us on our journey and experience an alternate reality steeped in adventure, comic fiction and content reviews!



Donovan Baker, a.k.a. Amigao_Uno is the founder and principal content creator of DB & Friends.  His love of movies and fan fiction inspired him to create this blog as a way to spread and share his love of the genre.  Original short stories, movie reviews and fan fiction for all!

Amigo Uno

Comicus Maximus 

A lover of all things born of comics, Commicus Maximus offers superhero and super villain focused original writings, fan fiction, reviews and more.

comicus maximus

RantMan Rick

The 3rd member of DB & Friends and the quintessential angry friend, RantMan Rick offers a glimpse into the mind of a hardcore content reviewer who spares no feelings in his over the top rants.  Join Rick as he gives his unique take on movies, television shows and more! No one rants like RantMan Rick.

Rant Man Rick

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